Port Stanley. Beach

The beach, which we see on the screen, is located on the shore of Lake Erie in Canada. Like many other villages located on the lake, Stanley’s economy is largely dependent on fishing (it is regulated at the governmental level in order to maintain a balance between the catch and fish in water bodies), as well as tourism.

Divers from all over America come to this lake to search for sunken ships. According to unconfirmed reports, this lake contains thousands of wrecked ships! So far, they have found only about 300 ships under the water. Fans of surfing and beach holidays come here as well.

In Stanley, there are plenty of accommodation options to suit all tastes, and restaurants and cafes, as you can see on the screen, are not only in the city center, but right on the water as well. As for places of interest, in addition to the beautiful sandy beach, the Festival Theatre and the port draw much attention from tourists as well.

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