The Swiss lake of Oeschinen, also known as Oeschinensee, is located in the Berner highlands at an altitude of 1,578 meters above sea level. The nearest settlement, from which tourists come to see the mountain lake, is Kandersteg. If you really like the views of the pond against the backdrop of the mountain slopes, then you can stay on the shore either at Berghaus am Oeschinensee or Berghotel Oeschinensee.

The camera is located on the western shore of the lake in the panoramic restaurant, Sennhütte. We can see the lake, as well as the rocky slopes of Mount Bluemlisalphorn, the peak of which reaches 3,661 meters above sea level.

Skating is one of the main attractions on the lake in the winter. You can rent all the necessary equipment on the shore. In addition, in the summer, you can fish in special places at the lake from January to April.

In summer, tourists often pass by the lake when they go along mountain tourist routes. They can look at Oeschinensee from a height of several dozen meters above the lake. In addition to summer fishing, the guests of the Kandersteg resort can sail along this lake on a boat.

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